Рахманова Шаттык Сериковна

Учитель английского языка школы-лицея №250 Кызылординская область, Кармакшинский район

Grade: 1 

Aims: educational – to develop speaking and writing skills. 


To get information about English alphabet and to say the toys in English.
Developing – to develop logical thinking and memorizing.
Bringing up – to respect each other, teachers and guests.
Type: combined
Method: explanation, demonstration, presentation.
Aids: interactive board, cards, pictures, slides, toys.
Procedure of the lesson:
Organization moment: students′ and teachers′ report.
Warm-up: Do you like toys, children? What is your favorite toy?
Checking up homework: Active vocabulary. (using the letter of little girl Dora, doing her tasks)
Vocabulary: a ball, a doll, a car, a plane, a train.
New theme: Task 1. Learning the toys in English.
Task 2. Matching the pictures with the words.
Task 3. Game “Guess the present?”
Task 4. Learning the letter “Aa”.
Relaxing. Dancing (using the video)
Consolidation: Writing the letter “Aa” on the blackboard.
Game: “Toy bridge”
Giving homework: Exercise: 3, page 23, paint the picture.
Giving marks. Using the colored cards. (“5”- red, “4”- blue)
The end.

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